Our Core Services:

Odin Enterprises is the leading experience-based security solutions service, dedicated to providing accurate and quality security products, training, and actionable information to our clients. With over 100 years of intelligence and federal law enforcement experience, we have the unique ability to offer what very few can – real world experience about how best to prevent, protect against, and prepare to respond to a critical incident.

Odin Academy
Readiness doesn't just happen.
Odin Crisis Support
The lessons we share are based on our responses to real-life crises.
Odin Investigate
Want to know who you are really dealing with?
Odin Threat Visibility
Using Actionable Intelligence to make the unknown known.
Odin Security Review
Actionable solutions with immediate, quantifiable results.
Odin Sweeps
Our comprehensive physical and technical inspection of the working environment.
Odin On-Site
Security controls are your organization's first line of defense.
Odin Cyber Defense
Defense against threats originating from software or social engineering.

Customer Testimonials

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Webinar Feedback

"I appreciate the actionable suggestions of things we can do to protect ourselves. I greatly enjoy the real world examples of situations where information has been procured in ways I couldn't even imagine."

Webinar Feedback

"Everything! Literally, everything! I love the group that presents. The message is strong and real. I learn something (actually, many things) every time I attend/participate in Security Training. The training is by far world class"

Webinar Feedback

"Initial targeting presentation - really useful information, gave specific examples of how I can be more secure"

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