The Odin On-Site security assessment will provide a detailed evaluation of security measures, such as:

Odin On-Site evaluates an organizationā€™s existing physical security structures (facilities, systems, and processes) and assesses how well the organization is protecting its most critical assets - its people and property. The on-site security assessment is led by a member of the Odin Enterprisesā€™ team with extensive subject-matter expertise in security-related issues. The assessment will identify both best practices currently in place along with deficiencies related to safety, security, and emergency preparedness. Findings presented can then be used as a basis for further examination and discussion, as well as for new or enhanced remediation and mitigation strategies, policies, and procedures.

Security Policies and Procedures

Security management plan, emergency management plan, workplace violence prevention plan/policy, visitor management policies, and bomb threat procedures.

Safety and Security Equipment

Alarm systems, closed circuit television systems, access control systems, perimeter security systems, and lighting.

Security Personnel

Proprietary security force, contractual security personnel, off-duty law enforcement officers, and other personnel who serve in a protection capacity.Ā  Ā 

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