How Mature is your Security Program?

How Mature is Your Security Program?

Numbers don’t lie, and quantitative analysis is the key to achieving your company’s security goals. Organizations need to know where their current programs align with best practices, and where there might be gaps, to ensure operational function that consistently achieves exceptional results.
A preparedness program that identifies deficiencies and tracks improvements encourages companies to fund and support a ‘Culture of Preparedness’ as a key security initiative throughout the organization. Quantitative results, through a well-developed Security Review, can answer a variety of critical questions to help your organization measure various initiatives associated with safety and security of the workplace.

What value can a Security Review bring to your organization?

A Security Review provides value in numerous ways. A well-designed review will:
1) Evaluate your organization’s progress toward a mature preparedness program and provide an objective view of your current level of preparedness.

2) Discover gaps in workplace security which can then be corrected and built upon over time to show improvement in overall safety and security.

3) Measure to a consistent set of criteria that charts progress and builds a road map for the advancement of your program.

4) Provide the program “owner” with quantifiable information regarding the state of the current program to answer management questions easily and confidently.

5) Introduce discipline, holding senior leadership accountable to focus on and participate in a security program that is specific to your identified needs and ensures a sound ‘Culture of Preparedness’ within the organization.

6) Demonstrate the return on investment as a result of addressing issues identified, thus justifying the investment of resources.
Odin’s Security Review
As experts in vulnerability analysis, risk mitigation, training, planning, and crisis management, Odin Enterprises offers organizations of every size immediate access to its expertise and guidance.
Our Security Review is designed to capture specific, high-level information as it relates to security in the workplace. Using our proprietary assessment tool, based on generally accepted standards, we provide your organization a basis to justify current and future security-related initiatives. Quantitative measurements resulting from this Security Review will help uncover gaps, giving the opportunity to engage in discussion to address the most vulnerable areas. More importantly, our Security Review will help your organization prioritize various security initiatives associated with preparedness.

Our internal security review consists of a series of questions across the following key security-related areas:

Internal Security Review

The Security Review is conducted through a single 30-45-minute interview conference call. The results of the review will be a report, produced by Odin, which will measure the preparedness level of your organization’s overall program, based on industry standards and best practices.

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