The vast majority of hacks are due to human factors like social engineering or unpatched computer systems. Odin Cyber Defense can help.

Only two percent of hacks are a result of Zero Day vulnerabilities in computer software and ninety-eight percent of cyber attacks are the result of unpatched software or social engineering attacks. We can train your employees to understand and counter these attacks. We can also assist in putting plans in place that can minimize the damage of any attack, and we can test and evaluate those plans. If an exploit is already on your system, we can evict the attackers and analyze the attack vectors.
Pre-Incident Planning

Topics covered include: Training, Penetration Testing, Red Team, Table Top Exercises and Vulnerability Assessments for Operational Technology and Enterprise (IT) Systems

Incident Recovery and Response

Includes: Forensic Analysis and Hunt Team Operations

Social Engineering Defense

We can help train your employees to spot and resist social engineering attempts.

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