Odin Enterprises, LLC is a Georgia-based company founded as a security solutions provider specializing in the fields of crisis and risk management, insider threat mitigation, social media threat monitoring, subject-matter expert instruction, and technical security countermeasures.

We maintain an extraordinarily experienced cadre of Subject-Matter Experts (SME) who provide consulting and instruction in multiple disciplines in order to identify and counter traditional and asymmetric threats. Our management and associates possess extensive domestic and international operational experience and vast real-world, crisis management and critical incident skills.

The consultation and training services provided by Odin Enterprises can be specifically tailored for the unique requirements of the client. Our client services are based on the employee skill set, company model, and critical facilities which are exposed to threats through industry type.

Our Values

At Odin Enterprises, our team of experienced subject-matter experts are committed to providing exceptional quality in all that we do, while maintaining integrity through transparency and honesty.
Experience-Based Truth

Our team possesses a wide variety of capabilities derived from years of experience, allowing for honest recommendations based on lessons learned.

Commitment to Operational Excellence

What we do, we do well. We at Odin are committed to providing exceptional service to clients and guarantee effective results.

Unconventional Problem-Solving

We are comfortable operating in asymmetric environments and embrace the challenges posed by seemingly insurmountable problems.

Built on Integrity

We believe in strong moral principles and operate with transparency.  Our team is comprised of diverse backgrounds and experiences and integrity is a quality which is ingrained in each of us.

Our Mission

There has been a tradition throughout history, spanning continents and cultures, of the all-seeing eye being a symbolic representation of a force watching over, helping, and protecting humanity while representing truth and awakening. It is in this tradition that we chose the all-seeing, one-eyed, mythological god Odin as the name of our company. Odin watched over the world and was dedicated to the truth. Odin was said to have sacrificed his right eye in order to possess vast wisdom and knowledge. Throughout our careers as law enforcement and intelligence officers, despite obstacles, we also strove to “see all” in order to obtain the truth.

The focus of Odin Enterprises  is to provide the utmost excellence through a collection of vast knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to identify security threats and protect our clients by providing access to a broad spectrum of professional services to assist them in creating a comprehensive security program that encompasses prevention, preparedness, and response.

Our Responsibility

Discretion and confidentiality are of utmost importance. Odin Enterprises will never discuss or disclose client relationships without authorization. We take unique strides to utilize collection methodologies to protect our communications and the identities of our employees and our clients. We maintain a strict code of ethics and always comply with U.S. law.

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