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Preventive Security Measures – Best Practices

Encourage Employee Situational Awareness Surveillance normally occurs before attacks are carried out. Recognizing the indicators increases the possibility of deterrence and prevention. Most employees know what is normal in the immediate area and they should be encouraged to report anything extraordinary, such as: Person or vehicle seen in the same location on multiple occasions. Person...

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Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Offenders and regular users of space alike can observe environmental cues that indicate, “This is a safe place,” or “This place appears to be unsafe.” Sophisticated, expensive security is not the sole solution to ensure the physical safety and security of your work site. Organizations should take advantage of natural opportunities beyond security personnel and...

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Test Exercise Planning

Test Exercise Planning If you run a business, you’ve learned – and perhaps the hard way – that you don’t get what you ‘expect,’ you only get what you ‘inspect.’  The same can said for your crisis response platforms.  Successfully mitigating the impacts of any emergency or crisis event depends upon routine testing, audits and...

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