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Workplace Violence Prevention… Where to Begin

Workplace Violence Prevention… Where to Begin Any definition of workplace violence must be broad enough to encompass the full range of behaviors that can cause injury, damage property, impede the normal course of work, or make workers, managers, and customers fear for their safety. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) defines workplace...

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Odin Enterprises and Atlanta Specialized Care Announce Partnership

Odin Enterprises and Atlanta Specialized Care Announce Partnership Odin Enterprises, a security solutions provider, and Atlanta Specialized Care, a professional counseling practice, are pleased to announce a partnership between the organizations. Odin Enterprises has strong relationships with strategic partners, trusted advisors, and industry experts, who include some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the country...

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Test Exercise Planning

Test Exercise Planning If you run a business, you’ve learned – and perhaps the hard way – that you don’t get what you ‘expect,’ you only get what you ‘inspect.’  The same can said for your crisis response platforms.  Successfully mitigating the impacts of any emergency or crisis event depends upon routine testing, audits and...

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Social Media Usage…Does Your Organization Understand the Risk?

Social media risk is one of the fastest growing threats for all organizations. In social media, there are risks of sharing data and information in violation of applicable laws and regulations, including trademark and copyright infringement, data security, privacy rights, and mismanagement of electronic communications. There is no single solution to making social media use safer. All roads lead back to ‘preparedness,’ which means understanding how social media is used specifically within your organization, designing policies and protocols to prevent or mitigate exposure, and then training people on expectations for social media usage in both peacetime and in crisis.
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Can your Organization Survive a Crisis Event?

Today, every organization faces a variety of risks and threats from disasters and crises that provide significant disruption to their normal operations and overall mission. Crisis management is a strategic governance issue and requires every organization to manage their vulnerabilities and protect their critical assets – their people and property. This requires the ongoing process of preparing, communicating, training, and testing plans prior to a crisis, disaster, event, or situation, in advance of actual need. One thing is certain, your employees and their families, clients/customers, suppliers, and the public expect your organization to protect them from known threats.
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