Wendy Ruffcorn

Vice President, Professional Services

Wendy Ruffcorn joined Odin Enterprises in November 2019 as the VP of professional Services. With a strong background and expertise in business continuity, crisis management, and emergency response planning, Wendy is keenly aware of the vulnerabilities – virtual and physical — facing businesses in today’s environment. Wendy’s expertise has been applied across Fortune 100 clients, small businesses, and government entities throughout numerous industries including banking, retail, manufacturing, healthcare advisory and financial services, media, legal, energy, mining, and education.

Prior to joining Odin Enterprises, Wendy served as Chief Administrative Officer and EVP of Professional Services for Firestorm Solutions where she collaborated with Firestorm leadership peers on key company-wide initiatives, in the design and development of its strategic objectives and goals. In addition to overseeing and managing the delivery of Firestorm products and services, she provided professional guidance and directed the efforts of Firestorm business continuity coordinators, planners, and business partners throughout the continuity planning lifecycle. This included oversight of all quality initiatives related to content and plan development, services delivery, operations management, and thought leadership associated with delivering programs that align with industry standards and best practices.

Wendy’s vision aligns with Odin’s focus on the human impacts of disasters and building a culture of preparedness in the workplace. “The idea that it all starts with employees being prepared resonated with me. I am proud to be part of this incredible team of security experts, with their vast knowledge and expertise in preparing for and responding to critical incidents. By educating, training, and monitoring for both physical and cyber threats, the impacts of even the most significant events can be mitigated.’’

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